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King's Pond Footpath - opens Monday 17th May - Monday 7th June 2021
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Town Centre CCTV - open Wednesday 31st March - Tuesday 20th April 2021

Clarifications (posted 14th April)


21.5 The contractor should be able to arrange for no less than 3 members of Alton Town Council to achieve the required license from the Security Industry Authority. To enable them to legally work as an operative who uses closed circuit television.


Please see the attached flow chart.

Alton Town Council will be acting in an inhouse capacity as an operative who uses closed circuit television (CCTV) equipment to monitor the activities of a member/s of the public in a public or private place, or, identify a particular person. As this is classified as inhouse then it does not fall under the prevue of the SIA, so no licence would be required. Best practise would be to carry out a course for GDPR for data handling so operatives are trained to manage the system and data correctly and we would request that this is arranged.