Bus Shelters

Bus Shelter


The council owns and maintains all 17 of the bus shelters in and around the town (except the one at the railway station). Please report any vandalism or damage to the shelters to the Town Hall. Some of the shelters contain advertising panels; please contact us if you wish to discuss advertising at these sites. 

Notice Boards

Notice Board

The Town Council is responsible for several notice boards around the town in car parks and on public buildings, for the display of council notices and local charity/community events. Please note - the council can now only display posters that promote date-specific events.

If you would like the council to display a poster promoting your event, please supply 11 copies of A4 portrait to the Town Hall well in advance of the event. [Current Locations: Town Hall and High Street; car parks - Lady Place (2), Bank, Victoria Road, Mount Pleasant, Manor, Turk Street, Anstey Park and the Railway Station].


Floral Displays

The council provides many floral displays around the town often in association with sponsors and other organisations. Go to Alton in Bloom page.

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Alton is very proud of its Christmas lights. The displays, which were replaced in 2016, stretch throughout the town centre and are lit at a very well attended ceremony in the Market Square on the last Friday in November and shine until twelfth night. The lights cost the Town Council approximately £15,000 per annum and contributions from traders are invited through an annual appeal. Photograph courtesy of Chris Pearce.

The Cairn War Memorial

The Cairn War Memorial

The Cairn War Memorial is located outside the Assembly Rooms. It is owned and maintained by the Town Council, is lists the 169 names of fallen soldiers from Alton during WWI and 56 from WWII. An annual service of remembrance is held by on the Sunday nearest to 11th November each year.

Public Seats/Benches and Sponsorship

Park Bench
The Town Council is responsible for approximately eighty public seats across the town, in parks, green spaces and on the highway. Many have been presented to the town over the years by individuals and families to commemorate a loved one or an event in their lives, and several groups have used them to mark jubilees or other notable dates and occasions. The council prefers to install a certain type of seat, which is made from recycled materials, is easy to repair and has proved fairly vandal and weather resistant. The cost to supply and install a seat on a concrete plinth is currently approx. £800 and comes with a commemorative plaque. Tree sponsorship is also possible, although it is not practical to mark trees with commemorative plaques as they are easily vandalised.

Interpretation Panels

Interpretation Panel

The council has installed interpretation panels at various locations: either open spaces or other areas of public realm. In some instances, the purpose is to give the visitor more information about the history of the immediate area, for example in the Market Square where there used to be live and dead stock markets, or in other areas, such as Greenfields, the flora and fauna that may be observed. Sometimes the panels tell you a bit about both! The panels, totalling seven, were funded by Developers' Contributions secured by East Hampshire District Council for the acquisition or improvement of public open space. The attractive design is courtesy of Martin Saban-Smith; historical information courtesy of Jane Hurst and natural history information courtesy of Dr June Chatfield. 


The Town Council have installed a CCTV system of cameras across the town centre, which record 24/7 and are controlled by Alton Police.

Blue Plaques

Blue Plaque

The Town Council has over a number of years erected so called Blue Plaques on buildings of exceptional interest, by virtue of their history and/or notable residents who have lived there. This is an on-going project and it is hoped that more plaques can be added where property owners are agreeable and funds allow. If you have any suggestions for siting, please contact the Town Hall.