Active Alton

Active Alton

Alton Town Council's campaign to encourage the community to engage in sport and physical activity.

Our mission statement: To champion and increase participation and engagement in local sports and activities, across all ages and abilities, in order to improve health and the quality of life for the community of Alton.

Sport and Physical activity can help to improve overall wellbeing of residents by improving health and self esteem, as well as contribute towards economic prosperity.

Through this campaign Alton Town Council aims to increase awareness of existing local sport and physical activity opportunities and also identify any gaps in provision to help develop a thriving and active community.

Community Sports Bag Scheme

Sports BagsAlton Town Council is offering a scheme to encourage families in Alton to come together and take part in a variety of sports in the Town's open spaces.

Alton Town Council is again encouraging families in Alton to come together and take part in a variety of sports in the Town's open spaces with the Community Sports Bag Scheme, and have introduced a new charging regime for 2016! 

The Community Sports Bags will now be available to hire for:
£5.00 for 3 days/weekend (Fri pm - Mon am) or £10.00 for 7 Days per bag.

Bookings require a £25.00 damage/loss refundable deposit and proof of ID and address.

All bags will include a Football, a Basketball, a Cricket Bat, Bean Bags, Bat & Ball, a pair of Hockey Sticks & Ball, Rounders Bat, Frisbee, Skipping Rope, a Velcro Mitt Catch Set.

Additional equipment can be booked upon request including a Rainbow Parachute, Skittles, Rugby Ball and Netball.

Contact Alton Town Council to book: Town Hall, Market Square, Alton, GU34 1HD

Sports bags and field

Tel: 01420 83986 or email

Collection can be arranged from the Town Hall or Anstey Park.       

Our Sport Bags have been kindly sponsored by:

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