Local Plan Review - News

We hope you are aware of the consultation on the draft new Local Plan (5 Feb – 19 March).

Whilst we plan for growth, we also need to identify and plan for the infrastructure needed to support it.  Can we therefore ask you to carefully consider the interim Infrastructure Plan and Community Facilities Study, as well as the draft Local Plan, and provide further local information where you can. 

Some of you have already inputted into the Community Facilities Study, but some areas have not yet had the chance, and we welcome information about these areas. We would like to be able to map existing community facilities alongside proposed growth and assess any potential deficits.

Further information is available in both documents about next steps and how you can help.

If you have any questions, or you would like to discuss this further, please contact us or visit us at a consultation drop in session.

Kind regards

The Planning Policy Team


Alton Town Council is a statutory consultee for all planning applications in Alton submitted to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) ; East Hampshire District Council  is the main LPA for Alton for all residential and commercial development. Hampshire County Council is the LPA for applications relating to Education as well as Minerals and Waste applications.

Alton Town Council responds to planning applications through its Planning and Transportation Committee ; see  Planning Agendas & Minutes.

Planning applications are determined in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework and the LPA's own Planning Policies which are contained with the Local Plan. The Plan consists of a number of documents including Alton's Neighbourhood Plan , which is a statutory policy document approved by residents at referendum in February 2016 and the Core Strategy. 

There are also a number of supplementary planning guides and documents produced by the Local Planning Authority and others to help inform anyone involved in the planning process. The Molson Coors Development Brief was written in 2016 to assist with the redevelopment of the former brewery site in the centre of the town. Other important documents for Alton include the Alton Town Design Statement, the Local List as well as the Conservation Area Guidance and the Alton Transport Strategy

If you are seeking advice on the planning system, the Planning Portal is the first point of call. Their website aims to provide a one-stop-shop supplying answers, services and information to anyone involved in the planning process - from home owners and businesses to planning professionals and Government officials.

If you wish to view or comment upon any application within the Alton area, please click the link which will direct through to the search function at East Hampshire District Council for Planning Applications, Appeals and Enforcements.

A number of major residential development sites in Alton have Liaison Panels. These are groups consisting of developers, contractors, residents and ward councillors, who meet regularly to discuss progression of schemes and to address any matters which have been raised. Please click here for the link to the Cadnam Farm Development and the Coors Sports and Social Club Development.