Places to stay in and around Alton




Whether you are planning a weekend break, business trip or a longer visit, Alton has a great choice of places to stay. Our wide range of hotels, B&Bs, self-catering accommodation and campsites cater for a diverse range of requirements; whether you prefer to be centrally located in town or nestled in the surrounding rural backdrop. Whilst Alton Town Council cannot recommend places to stay, here are the details of our local accommodation…


Accommodation in or within a short walk of Alton town centre:


Alton Grange B&B: 19 London Road, Alton GU34 4EG. 01420 86565.


Alton House Hotel: Normandy Street, Alton GU34 1DN. 01420 80033.


The Crown Hotel: High Street, Alton GU34 1BN. 01420 590350.


The French Horn, Chalets: Whitedown Lane, Alton GU34 1RT. 01420 83269.


The Market Hotel: Market Square, Alton GU34 1HD. 01420 82350.


The Swan Hotel: High Street, Alton GU34 1AT. 01420 83777.


Upper Neatham Mill Farm Guest House: Holybourne, Alton GU34 4EP. 01420 542908.


The White Hart: 139 London Road, Holybourne, Alton GU34 4EY. 01420 87654.


Wigwam Holidays: Park Farm, Chawton Park Road, Alton, GU34 1SW. 01420 82634.


Accommodation in Alton’s surrounding villages:


·         The Anchor Inn: Lower Froyle, Alton GU34 4NA. 01420 23261.

·         The Angel Hotel: Gosport Road, Privett, Alton GU34 3NN. 01730 828111.

·         The Barn at Barford Farmhouse: Common Hill, Medstead, Alton GU34 5LZ. 01420 562682.

·         Bavins Bed and Breakfast: New Odiham Road, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 5SX. 01420 82171.

·         Bentworth Boutique B&B: 1 Parsonage Cottages, Station Road GU34 5QY. 07899 961669

·         The Binsted Inn: The Street, Binsted GU34 4PB 01420 557524

·         Feather Down Manor Farm: Manor Farm, Blanket Street, Alton, GU34 3BD. 01420 80804.

·         Froyle Park: Ryebridge Lane, Upper Froyle, Alton GU34 4LA. 0844 8910680.

·         The Horse Hut & Lotus Spa: Pond Cottage, Upper Soldridge Road, Medstead, GU34 5QG. 07974595488.

·         Shepherds Court B&B:  Whitehouse Farm, Selborne Road, Chawton, Alton GU34 3HL. 01420 541453

·         Farnham House Hotel: Alton Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 5ER.

·         The Poacher Inn: Alton Road, South Warnborough, RG29 1RP. 01256 862403.

·         The Three Horseshoes: Cakers Lane, East Worldham, Alton GU34 3AE. 01420 832111.

·         Travel Lodge: 156 Winchester Road, Four Marks GU34 5HZ. 0871984 6002

·         The Wagon and The Wigwam in the Woods: Plum Cottage, Medstead, Alton, GU34 5NQ. 07974595488

·         Watercress Lodges & Campsite: Bighton Hill, Alresford, SO24 9SQ. 07970335236.

·         West End Flower Farm: West End House, Alton, GU34 4JG. 01420 767306.

·         Wyards Farm B&B: Basingstoke Road, Beech, Alton GU34 4AA. 01420 83838.

·         The Red Lion: 102 High Street, Odiham RG29 1LP 01256 701 145 

·         Bel & Dragon: 100 High Street, Odiham, RG29 1LP

·         Newlands Farm B&B: Odiham RG29 1JD 01256 702373

·         Poachers Inn: Alton Road, South Warnborough, hook, RG29 1RP -1256 862 403