Neighbourhood Plan Monitoring Group

The Neighbourhood Plan Monitoring Group has been established to monitor compliance and to ensure that the actions placed upon the Town Council are being progressed.  This small group of six consists of Officers and Members from Alton Town Council and East Hampshire District Council, together with two community representatives who meet on a quarterly basis to consider progress of the Action Plan and consider how the Local Planning Authority are applying the Plan policies when determining planning applications. The Terms of Reference and Monitoring Document are below. The Group will also produce an annual report giving an overview of the position in April each year.

Alton Neighbourhood Plan Monitoring Group Terms of Reference

Alton Neighbourhood Plan Monitoring Report March 2017 

Alton Neighbourhood Plan Monitoring Report March 2018

Alton Neighbourhood Plan Monitoring Report March 2019 

Alton Neighbourhood Plan Monitoring Report March 2020 

Appendix 1 - Monitoring Report Policies and Action Plan July 2018

Appendix 2 - Monitoring Report of Policies and Action Plan July 2019 

TR5 Parking Position Statement October 2017