Neighbourhood Plan Modification


The Town Council is seeking to update the housing allocation policy of  the current Alton Neighbourhood Plan (ANP).  This is because national planning regulations require up to date district development plans that have been reviewed within the last 5 years to be maintained.  Currently, the East Hampshire District Council Local Plan containing housing allocations is dated June 2014 and the ANP is 5 years old in May 2021. Without a current housing allocation plan in place, the town will not be protected against inappropriate and speculative housing development.  A new district wide Local Plan is expected to be published in 2023.

The proposed ANP update will remove housing developments which have now been built and are therefore outdated.  They will be replaced by developments which have a realistic prospect of being built in the short term.  In this case the two chosen sites are the Magistrates Court (which has already been demolished ready for the new McCarthy Stone Development) and the Coors Brewery, being developed by CALA Homes. Full details of how these sites were chosen is in the accompanying documents.  

This means Alton, through an amended ANP, will be able to demonstrate that the town has sufficient housing developments coming forward to meet Government mandated requirements. In order to update the ANP the first step is to undertake a public consultation (as set out in detail in documents linked below) to explain the proposals and ask you for your views on this update to the plan.

Please either read the detailed documents below or based on the strength of this summary complete the survey by clicking the link also below.  We need your engagement to update the plan.