Neighbourhood Plan

The Alton Neighbourhood Plan was made in 2016 - full details of the original plan can be found here.

As the plan approaches its fifth anniversary, the Town Council, at the Full Council meeting on the 28th October 2020 made the following resolution:


1. To undertake a modification of the existing neighbourhood Plan over the next 9 months, only reviewing the Housing Allocation policies contained within the plan.

2. Reconvene the Alton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

3. Devolve the allocated budget for 2020/2021 to the Steering Group and submit a grant application to Locality to assist in the financing of the review.

4. To Prepare a Project Plan to be placed on the website.

5. Terms of Reference to be agreed for the Steering Group.

6. Extend an invitation to the Alton Society to nominate a representative to join the Steering Group.

7. Issue a Press Release to inform the public of the Alton Neighbourhood Plan Review taking place.

The first Steering Group meeting was convened on the 26th November 2020 and has subsequently convened every two to three weeks.

Members of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group are:

Councillor Graham Titterington (Chair)
Councillor Pam Jones
Mike Heelis MBE,
David Allan MBE
Nicky Branch (Alton Society)
Vicki Potts (EHDC Planning Policy Manager)
Adam Harvey (EHDC Principal Policy Planner),
Leah Coney (Town Clerk)
Administrative support is provided by Assistant Clerk Wendy Simson

The group has worked since November 2020 on the proposed modification to the plan and on the 10th February 2020 Full Council approved the details of the Regulation 14 Consultation which will commence on the 16th February 2021. Please click here to go to the Regulation 14 consultation page.

The Group appointed Leani Haim from Oneill Homer to provide consultant support to write the Regulation 14 Modification Statement and Regulation 14 Proposal. Her work has been funded by a grant from Locality.

Following the Regulation 14 consultation, the responses will be reviewed and any amendments made to the modification to produce a final modified plan to be submitted to East Hampshire District Council, who will then undertake their own consultation process prior to submission to an examiner.