Neighbourhood Plan

Documented below is the timetable which led to the creation of the Alton Neighbourhood Plan.

  • June 2015 Submission to East Hampshire District Council by Alton Town Council
  • June 2015 East Hampshire District Council checks all correct
  • June to July 2015 East Hampshire District Council public consultation period (six weeks)
  • July to August 2015 East Hampshire District Council submits draft Neighbourhood Plan to Government examiner
  • September 2015 Government examiner checks all acceptable
  • October 2015 Government examiner recommends Plan to go to Referendum subject to modification
  • December 2015 The Neighbourhood Plan receives approval from Alton Town Council and East Hampshire District Council in advance of the Referendum
  • January 2016 Paper copies of the 'Brief Guide to Alton's Neighbourhood Plan' available from Alton Town Council in the Town Hall and at the EHDC Community Forum on 26th January, 6.30pm at Alton Community Centre.
  • February 2016 Three public engagement sessions in advance of the Referendum held on 24th February 2016. Results of referendum were - Yes 3,556. 93% No 282. 7%. The plan was therefore successfully made.

Now the Alton Neighbourhood Plan is in place their are key actions upon the Town Council to ensure the plan is correctly and effectively used by the Planning Authority when determining applications.

A Neighbourhood Plan Monitoring Group has been set up to oversee compliance and to ensure that the actions placed upon the Town Council are being progressed. Alton Neighbourhood Plan Monitoring Group Terms of Reference.


Alton Neighbourhood Plan Designated Area

Alton Neighbourhood Plan Map