Happy to Talk Benches

This is a partnership project led by Abri and involving several other local groups. We had volunteers to help paint these benches from Abri, Alton Town Council, A31 Social Prescribers and the National Citizen Service, a voluntary personal and social development programme for 16–17 year olds all helped to paint the benches during the summer. Cllr Suzie Burns provided funding for the paint and D.I.Y. equipment.

What are Happy to Talk Benches? As well as offering a bright and colourful element to the town where the community can enjoy using these colourful icons, at the Assembly Room Lawns, Market Square and finally the Public Gardens. The benches will also provide an outside meeting point for key workers to support their customers out in the fresh air. When arranging to meet at these locations they will encourage exercise and will help our more vulnerable residents to venture outside again, after the long run of lockdowns. Two of the benches can be found in the sensory garden area of the Public Gardens which is a focal point for the Alton Dementia Group.


8:00 - 10:00PM







 2:00 - 4:00PM 

Alton Happy to Talk Benches - Support Provider to complete which regular days of the week you would like to use the benches