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Your Local MP

You can contact your Member of Parliament, Damian Hinds, by email

Damian also runs regular advice surgeries in East Hampshire and to make an appointment, please call his parliamentary office on 0207 219 7057 or send an email to the address above.

You will need to provide your full name, full address with postcode and contact telephone number, as parliamentary protocol prohibits Damian from acting for constituents who are represented by another MP.

If you would like more information about Damian and the East Hampshire constituency, please visit his website or you can follow his latest news on Facebook or Twitter

Damian Hinds

County Councillor and District Councillors

Andrew Joy

County Councillor Andrew Joy 

26 Huntsmead
GU34 2SF
Tel - 01420 85251
Email - andrew.joy@hants.gov.uk 


District Councillor Ginny Boxall - Whitedown 

12a Borovere Lane
GU34 1PD
Tel - 01420 80042
Email - ginny.boxall@easthants.gov.uk


District Councillor Suzie Burns - Ashdell 

2 Goodyers
GU34 2SH
Tel - 01420 542453
Email - suzie.burns@easthants.gov.uk

District Councillor Stephen Dolan - Wooteys 

2 Mulberry Gardens, Medstead
GU34 5QL
Tel - 01420 568043
Email - stephen.dolan@easthants.gov.uk  

District Councillor Graham Hill - Holybourne 

2 Anstey Mill Close
GU34 2QT
Tel - 01420 86221
Email - graham.hill@easthants.gov.uk   

District Councillor Steve Hunt - Amery 

Vincent, Paice Lane, Medstead
GU34 5PT
Tel - 01420 560602
Email - steve.hunt@easthants.gov.uk  

District Councillor Paula Langley - Eastbrooke 

88 Normandy Street
GU34 1DH
Tel - 07802 625439
Email - paula.langley@easthants.gov.uk  

District Councillor Richard Platt - Westbrooke 

c/o Town Hall,
Market Square,
GU34 1HD

Tel - 01420 542453

Email - richard.platt@easthants.gov.uk   

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