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Town Hall, Market Square, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 1HD

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Alton Town Council
Town Hall, Market Square, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 1HD

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Town Councillors


Back row:  Mrs Emily Messenger (Community and Events Coordinator), Steve Parkinson (Town Clerk), Councillor Kevin Stevens, Councillor Matthew Bayliss,
Councillor Derek Gardner, Councillor Mrs Sue Hodder, Councillor David Willoughby, Councillor Alan Murphy and Mrs Aduwa Winscom (Finance Officer)

Front row:  Councillor Christopher Lawrence, Councillor Jeff Smith, Councillor Mrs Pam Jones, Councillor Graham Hill (Town Mayor),
Councillor Robert Saunders (Deputy Town Mayor), Councillor Peter Hicks and Mrs Samantha Brown (Admin Officer)


[Photographs courtesy of Katie Hill]

Alton Amery

Councillor Robert Saunders                                       Councillor Jeff Smith
3 Borovere Lane                                                           2 Robins Nest, Church Street
ALTON                                                                          ALTON
GU34 1PB                                                                     GU34 2LT
Telephone - 01420 82669                                           Telephone - 01420 544980
Email -                          Email -

Alton Ashdell
Councillor Graham Hill                                            Councillor Christopher Lawrence
2 Anstey Mill Close                                                   12 Gauvain Close
ALTON                                                                      ALTON
GU34 2QT                                                                  GU34 2SB
Telephone - 01420 86221                                           Telephone - 01420 549474
Email -                             Email -

 Alton Eastbrooke

Councillor Peter Hicks                                               Councillor Kevin Stevens
31 Shipley Close                                                        21 Wooteys Way
ALTON                                                                       ALTON
GU34 2RW                                                                 GU34 2JB
Telephone - 01420 80092                                           Telephone - 01420 84342
Email -                         Email -

Alton Holybourne

Councillor David Willoughby
2 Bonhams Close
GU34 4HT
Telephone - 01420 88834
Email -

Alton Westbrooke

                                      Sue hodder         
Councillor Matthew Bayliss                                   Councillor Sue Hodder
53 Lenten Street                                                       13 Gaskell Court, Thornton End
ALTON                                                                       Holybourne, ALTON
GU34 1HE                                                                   GU34 4hf
Telephone - 01420 82390                                       Telephone - 01420 88474
Email -              Email -

Alton Whitedown
      Councillor Pam Jones                                Councillor James Nixon 
      3 Buckingham Close                                  10 Helens Close 
      ALTON                                                          ALTON  
      GU34 1QZ                                                     GU34 1FS  
      Telephone - 01420 86119                          Telephone - 01420 542814 
      Email -                  Email -

Alton Wooteys

Derek gardner                                         Alan murphy        

Councillor Derek Gardner                                      Councillor Alan Murphy
31 Hall Road                                                             3 Spitalfields Road
ALTON                                                                     ALTON
GU34 2NX                                                                GU34 2DY
Telephone - 07770 365849                                       Telephone - 01420 86849
Email -                  Email -

The Town Council comprises of 13 councillors who represent the 7 wards into which the town is divided.  They meet as a council six times a year but also meet more regularly in smaller groups called committees which deal with matters in more detail.  Councillors are ultimately responsible for the activities of the council, which are delivered by a paid staff.  They are elected every 4 years and in addition to administering the affairs of the council, deal with a multitude of matters in their ward on behalf of residents.


Although parish and town councils are permitted in law to pay an allowance, Alton Town Council has resolved not to pay such allowances.  The Town Mayor, however, is entitled to claim an allowance (currently 4,000 per annum) from which to meet the cost of such events as the Civic Reception and also to assist the cost of travelling to and from events, and other incidentals, whilst they are undertaking their extensive duties on behalf of the Council and Town.


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