Properties and Street Scene

A key role of Alton Town Council is to work with commercial agents, landlords, tenants and consumers to help businesses thrive. We appreciate that if the street scene is unappealing, or empty properties look unkempt, that it will impact on the impression the town gives to both customers and visitors. We work hard to clean and improve the areas we own or control, and try to influence the behaviours of those who own or control the rest. This is an ongoing role, and one which we take very seriously.

The need to maintain the character of Alton as a “great market town with a unique heritage and a dynamic future” is important to the Town Council, and we would like to hear your thoughts on what you think would make a great town. To provide feedback please email our Business Development Manager.

A key project for 2018 is the Retail Improvement Grant Scheme, which has been set up to help businesses improve the appearance of their properties and the training and mentoring of their staff.