Business in Alton

Economic Development 


Economic development is key to the future prosperity of Alton. Whether you're an existing business or are looking to set up in Alton, we are here to help you. We work closely with all of the other authorities to ensure that your business can thrive - from Hampshire County Council who deal with the roads and pavements, to East Hampshire District Council which deals with the planning applications and most of the town car parks.

Transport and Accessibility    

Alton Town Council continually works with all relevant authorities to ensure that visitors have the best experience of arriving in, staying and travelling around Alton. This sometimes means that roadworks are necessary to improve accesspoints. Improved accessways are essential for the growth of the town because the easier it is for employees and customers to travel around Alton the more likely it is that they will discover and engage in more activities and opportunities around the town. This includes parking, and clear signage to the car parks, availability of public transport and clarity at the arrival points into town (most notably the train station) to ensure easy navigation. Improved cycling and pedestrian access is also important to the Council and is constantly under review.


Employment and Apprenticeships

With a growing population also comes the need to provide more employment opportunities in Alton. The town has a wealth of talent, from students leaving its schools and colleges to find work, to people moving to Alton and wanting to find rewarding employment not far from their home. Alton Town Council works closely with education establishments and employment advisers to ensure that opportunities are as widely known as possible. With the changing face of apprenticeships, the Council is also keen to ensure that employers have as much support as possible when upskilling their workforce or taking on new members of staff - through an apprenticeship or otherwise.   


Setting up or moving your business to Alton          
We are proud of Alton's employment areas - with its extensive high street and retail offering to its industrial park and business park which houses offices for many and varied companies who choose to work from the town.

It may be that you already have a business elsewhere and are looking to set up in Alton - or you may have a new business idea which you think would work well in Alton. We would like to help you, and if you have any questions about Alton or any properties which you are considering leasing or buying then please contact us.  

Properties and Street Scene          
A key role of Alton Town Council is to work with commercial agents, landlords, tenants and consumers to help businesses thrive. We appreciate that if the street scene is unappealing, or empty properties look unkempt, that it will impact on the impression the town gives to both customers and visitors. We work hard to clean and improve the areas we own or control, and try to influence the behaviours of those who own or control the rest. This is an ongoing role, and one which we take very seriously.