Alton Walking & Cycling Festival 2020

Welcome to Alton Town Councils 8th Walking Festival. 

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus we have cancelled this year's guided walks. We are currently working on a library of walks you can do on your own. 




Wey Walk

1.5 - 2 mile


   Evening Binsted Circuit

 3.7 miles Moderate 
   Midday Mile (No booking required) 

1 mile   Easy
 SATURDAY 2ND MAY Bentley Station to Alton Station  

7.5 miles  Moderate 
  Thedden And The Bluebells In Ackender Wood 

6.5 miles   Moderate 
  Alton's Civil War 

 2.5 - 3 miles Easy 
SUNDAY 3RD MAY    Alton Ramblers Medstead Meandering

10 miles   Moderate 
  Six Hills Of Alton - Full Circuit 

11 miles   Moderate 
 MONDAY 4TH MAY  Circuit To Upper Farringdon

4.5 miles   Easy
  Binsted, Wheatley And South Hay
4.5 miles     Moderate
  Evening Walk - Farringdon Circuit
4.5 miles    Moderate 
  Midday Mile (No booking required)
1 mile   Easy
TUESDAY 5TH MAY  Parish of Shalden 

6.5 miles     Moderate  
  Alton Town Tour   

2.5 - 3 miles    Easy 

 Midday Mile (No booking required)

 1 mile Easy
WEDNESDAY 6TH MAY   Alton Ramblers Circular Walk from Chawton

7.5 miles    Moderate
  Bluebell In Ackender Woods  

3 miles Easy 
  Midday Mile (No booking required)
 1 mile Easy 
THURSDAY 7TH MAY  River Wey, Via Neatham 

3 miles  Easy
  Shortheath, Binswood And Wyck 

6.5 miles    Easy
  Midday Mile (No booking required)
1 mile  Easy 
FRIDAY 8TH MAY  East Alton Tree Walk 

2.5 miles   Moderate  
  Walking The Hollow Lane 

11 - 12 miles   Moderate  
  Midday Mile (No booking required)  

1 mile    Easy 
SATURDAY 9TH MAY Best Of Basingstoke Canal 

15 miles   Moderate  
  Six Hills Of Alton - East Circuit 

6 miles  Moderate 

Alton Ramblers Odiham & Basingstoke Canal Loop


11 miles  Moderate 
MONDAY 11TH MAY  South Warnborough & Horsedown Common  

11.5 miles  Moderate  
  East Alton Tree Walk 

2.5 miles  Moderate 
TUESDAY 12TH MAY  Alton Ramblers Odiham, Hook & Greywell  

8 miles    Moderate 
  Six Hills Of Alton - West Circuit  

6 miles  Moderate 
  Alton's Civil War Walk 

2.5 - 3 miles  Easy 
  Shortheath & Binswood Evening Circuit 

3 miles  Easy 
WEDNESDAY 13TH MAY  Alton Ramblers Chawton & Farringdon Circular
5 miles Moderate 
  Binsted, Froyle Mill & Isington 

4.5 miles  Moderate 
  Evening Walk From Selborne 

5 miles Easy 
THURSDAY 14TH MAY  Chawton House Estate & Walled Gardens
4 - 5 miles  Easy 
  The Hangers Of Selborne And Noar Hill  

7.6 miles  Moderate 
  East Worldham Evening Walk
4.5 miles   Moderate  
FRIDAY 15TH MAY  Introduction To Walk Planning With OS Maps  

6 miles  Moderate 
  Celebrating Alton's Public Open Spaces 

3 miles  Moderate 
SATURDAY 16TH MAY  Parish Of The Resurrection Church Circuit  

9 miles  Moderate 
  Alton Town Tour 

 2.5 - 3 miles Easy 
SUNDAY 17TH MAY   Alton Ramblers Kingsley, East Worldham & Wyck

9.6 miles   Moderate
  Alton's Civil War Walk 

2.5 - 3 miles  Easy 
MONDAY 18TH MAY  William Cobbett Walk 

 10.5 miles Moderate 
  Monks Wood Circuit 

5 miles  Moderate 
TUESDAY 19TH MAY  'We're Going On A Bear Hunt' NCT Pre-School Ramble
1.2 miles  Easy 
  Wayfarers Walk In New Alresford  

4.5 miles  Moderate 
  Evening Walk From Selborne 

5 miles  Easy 
 WEDNESDAY 20TH MAY Binsted, Wheatley And South Hay  

4.5 miles  Moderate 
THURSDAY 21ST MAY  Alton Ramblers Selborne Common & The Hangers 

6 miles Moderate 
   Six Hills Of Alton - Full Circuit

 11 miles    Moderate 
   Gilbert White's Historic Walk

2.5 miles     Easy 
FRIDAY 22ND MAY  Circular Walk From Upper Farringdon  

4.5 miles  Moderate 
SATURDAY 23RD MAY  Bentworth, Thedden And Ackender Wood  

 11 miles Moderate 
  Binsted Froyle Mill & Isington 

4.5 miles  Moderate
SUNDAY 24TH MAY  Alton Ramblers Herriard 10 miler  

10 miles    Moderate 
MONDAY 25TH MAY  Northern Loop Of Alton 

16.5 miles  Strenuous 
  Alton's Civil War Walk 

2.5 - 3 miles  Easy
TUESDAY 26TH MAY  Circuit To Upper Froyle 

4.5 miles     Easy 
WEDNESDAY 27TH MAY  Alton Ramblers Circular Walk 

 8.25 miles Moderate 
   Alton Town Tour

2.5 - 3 miles  Easy 
THURSDAY 28TH MAY  Alton Ramblers Noar Hill & Selborne Common 

5 miles  Moderate 
FRIDAY 29TH MAY  ALFI's Plots And Planters 

2.25 miles  Easy 
SATURDAY 30TH MAY  Walkers Are Welcome - Alton To Overton 

 20.5 miles  Strenuous
SUNDAY 31ST MAY  Alton Ramblers Hinton Ampner, West Meon  

10.8 miles  Moderate