Thank you to this year's Alton In Bloom 2021 sponsors

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Why not build build your own Bug Hotel and enter into this year's Alton In Bloom 2021 competition? A Bug Hotel gives bugs somewhere to live an they'll repay you when they help control pests and even pollinate your plants.

You can be creative with your Bug Hotel, there are no rules. You could even use a hot water bottle, an old jumper and a pair of shoes but we have attached a link by the RSPB to help you on your way. 

For more information Click here for the RSPB guide on making a Bug Hotel.  

This year we are asking households to make a scarecrow for this year's Alton In Bloom and display in their front garden.

Not only will it help scare away the birds from your seeds (please don't place next to your bird table)it will also create a bit of fun around the roads and closes in Alton.

You can be as creative as you like but we have attached a simple guide for you to follow if you wish.

For more information Click here for the RHS guide on making a scarecrow. 


Alton In Bloom 2021

Alton In Bloom is an annual local competition run by Alton Town Council in recognition of the residents and volunteers in our community that contribute to making Alton beautiful. 

What you need to do:

  • Decide on the categories you would like to enter
  • Plant your required flowers / seeds
  • Plan and build your Bug Hotel and Scarecrow? Why not enter them both?
  • Complete your entry form (you can do this before your entry is ready).        You have two options to choose from:
  • Look after your entry 
  • Photograph your entry when it is 'Blooming' or 'Built'

Please send a digital copy of your entry/entries or if you have any questions to Natalie Beckell at Alton Town Council


Please provide a maximum of two digital photographs per category.

 Thank you and enjoy your garden.