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Hawthorns Allotment



There have been allotment gardens in Alton for many years and they make a valuable contribution to the community. As well as the plotholders, many other people benefit - produce is given to families and many friends and, as green spaces within the built-up area, allotments benefit everyone.

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Gardening is a health-promoting activity and it yields fresh, tasty fruit and vegetables which are free from excessive pesticides and have not been transported hundreds or even thousands of miles (food miles).

The Town Council works very closely with Alton Allotment Association and organises an annual allotment holders' competition.

Due to a continued demand for plots, the Council took on forward a project to create a brand new allotment site on council-owned land above Hawthorns, this was completed in the Spring of 2011 providing over 40 new plots, of varying shapes and sizes.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Where are the sites?
A: Borovere - 26 plots
Whitedown - 69 plots
Spitalfields/Wooteys - 115 plots including an area with raised beds for gardeners with special needs
Hawthorns - 44 plots

Q: How do I rent an allotment?
A: The council provides allotments for the residents of Alton and Holybourne. To add your name to the waiting list, print the Application for an Allotment and either email or send to Alton Town Council, telephone 01420 83986.
Email your enquiries to Alexandra Bond - 

Q: Is there a waiting list?
A: Waiting lists are currently operating on all sites.

Q: How much does an allotment cost?
A: The current rent for an allotment is £25 per annum. New tenants also pay a one-off administration fee, which is £25 which includes the key charge.

Q: How large is a plot?
A: Plot sizes are approximately 5 rods. A rod is approximately 25.29 square metres.